REDUCE Electricity Bills

Electricity costs have been continuously rising in the past decades in every country around the world putting a continuous burden on households and businesses. The good news is that there’re plenty you can do to eliminate or reduce electricity bills. One way is by changing when and how you use the energy needed. The most comfortable solution would be by shopping around for an energy contract which suits your needs; but the real solution that would solve your financial burden on a long run by eliminating your electricity bills is a move towards producing, storing and using your own electricity. REDUCE Electricity 

Reduce electricity bills by producing, storing and using your own electricity!

This quick guide is about the choices available to you. Every household and business situation is different and the changes for each will be different. So the best place to start is by understanding how much energy you use each day (and when), as well as which energy saving actions will have the biggest impact in your home. The things to consider include: REDUCE or ELIMINATE Your 

  • the size and features of your home or your business REDUCE Electricity Bills
  • the energy efficiency of your appliances and equipment REDUCE Electricity Bills
  • your lifestyle and the times of day you use most power REDUCE Electricity Bills
  • the way you manage and use the equipment around REDUCE Electricity Bills
  • your choice of energy retailer and energy contract. REDUCE Electricity Bills

We at firmly believe that free energy should be available to everyone. Solaranna definitely cannot pay your electricity bills, but the more than two decades of experience, expertise and international recognition of our partners in renewable and energy efficiency can help you to reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bills in your home and business.

Why eliminate or reduce your electricity bills?

The answer is simple; because of your energy independence! In some cases you energy bills is not real. It is either overcharged or overinflated by the utility companies or Governments. So stop paying them. Go energy independent. Beside savings in some countries you can earn great returns and the renewable and energy efficiency solutions increase your property value. Through these small investments you avoid the continuous utility inflation and indirectly you create jobs in the economy.  Last but not least through your investment in renewable and energy efficiency products you contribute to a cleaner and sustainable future of the next generation. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community here.

At we have striven to select you the best products from the best brands at the best retail prices possible in your market, covering electricity bills reduction solutions by using Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV), Wind Power, Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Battery Storage, Power Generators and Fuel Cells.

START SAVING TODAY with our products and packages. If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us.  REDUCE or ELIMINATE Your Electricity Bills

Solar Photovoiltaic (PV)


Generate your own electricity with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and start reducing your electricity bills today. Ready to install Solar Kits and Packages, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Mounting and Accessories, and many more.

Energy Storage


Store your own energy and use it when you need. ON- and OFF-Grid Energy Storage solutions. Complete Energy Storage Systems and Kits, Batteries, Accessories and Mounting for your home and your business.

wind energy


Generate your own electricity with Wind Turbines whether you are at home, in your business, your farm, your remote cottage or your boat. Wind Turbines, Wind Inverters, Accessories and Mounting all in one place.

Hydro Power


Generate your own electricity with a mini-hydro plant for your home, business or your farm. Hydro Turbines, Hydro Inverters, Accessories and Mounting specially selected for residential and commercial use.

Power Generators


You need a back-up power supply for your on- or off-grid power network, you are in a remote location where there is no electricity or you are just building something and you need power? You most probably you will need a power generator to solve you problem. Check out our range of power generators.

Fuel Cells


Fuel Cells operated mainly on alcohol and hydrogen are more and more popular for various applications to generate electricity, mainly in off-grid applications. Fuel Cell, Mobile Fuel Cells, Accessories and Mounting and many more.