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Everything depends on the charging point used and the battery capacity of your electric car. In practice, the charging time for an electric car battery may vary between 10 hours to half an hour. Sure, it’s longer than filling up a conventional car. But in the future, with the development of new solutions, it may be […]

When & Why Should You Oversize Your Array: In the first Techie Top Tip of 2019, Jordan Wiley our technical partner’s Technical wizard from UK explains the benefits of oversizing an array. “Oversizing a PV array in relation to the inverter is an easy and cost effective solution to maximise the benefits offered by solar PV. […]

Although our planet is currently facing some serious environmental crisis, it is relieving to see that some technological solutions, which aim at saving energy and thus reducing carbon emissions caused by production of electricity, have actually become comparatively popular and even casual. More and more house-owners are willing to take up the challenge and power […]

Are you interested in installing a boiler but are unsure which type to choose? A combi (or combination) boiler is the most preferred choice of boiler systems in British and European households, as it provides heat both for the radiators and domestic hot water on demand. The Combi boilers provide a fast and efficient supply […]

Training on Installation & Maintenance of Enphase IQ7 Products Can’t Make An Event? Then Register For A Webinar As part of the launch of their revolutionary new IQ7 range of microinverters, Enphase have planned training events in Dublin and in Glasgow. And if you don’t have time to join a live event, why not join […]

FRONIUS Training and Webinars 2018 for installers, home owners and investors on solar photovoltaic.  Fronius TRAINING 5/24/2018 / Manila, Philippines Fronius Products & Solutions Training, Philippines 24 May 2018 On this training course, technical employees of PV installation companies will learn everything they need to know about mounting, commissioning and servicing Fronius PV inverters and system monitoring […]

For instance, putting the power converters close to the panels makes it possible to optimise the yields from individual solar panels or from two connected ones, which can produce up to 30 percent more capacity. Because the panels are no longer connected as strings, negative effects from shading, manufacturing tolerances or the different orientation of […]

Primus Wind Turbine Install – DIY explained by American Homestead. The simplest way to install your Primus Windpower wind turbine. Shop for WIND products here>> View our wind turbine product range here>> Primus Wind Power, Inc. manufactures wind power turbines. Its products include Air Silent X, Air 30 Turbine, Air 40 Turbine, Air Breeze Turbine, […]

Segen expert tech, Chris Feeney simplifies battery sizing. You’ve probably heard: battery storage is the hot topic in the renewables industry in the UK as well as globally. Declining PV revenue availability, increasing energy purchase prices and eye-catching headlines regarding Elon Musk, as well as rapidly improving technology and an emerging regulatory framework, means that it’s […]

Export Limitation with Solar-Log is a complex topic that requires thought and careful planning. The major benefit of using Solar-Log is that it is compatible with almost all PV inverters* and it includes all the features you need to standardize your offering for every project. View the SolarLog range now>> Webinar Training Available Appreciating the complexity […]