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A convective cooling approach keeps solar system temperatures down. A group of researchers from Portland State University have developed a method of raising the energy yield from solar plants around 5% while reducing degradation of the panel by more than 0.3% per year. This remarkable increase has been developed using a convective cooling approach. Put simply, […]

A solar panel micro inverter is device that connects to a single solar panel, converting DC (direct current) from the panel into AC (alternating current), which can power household appliances or be sent into the grid for energy credits. Unlike string inverters, micro inverters control the output of a single panel. This article outlines the […]

The use of energy meters in photovoltaic systems for dynamic in-feed control or for a battery storage system is meanwhile nothing new. In larger systems, however, it is often not possible to connect the normal meters directly, as these could be destroyed by the sometimes very high currents. Basic principle of current transformer The so-called measuring […]

The Solis range of power managers allow you to reduce the maximum export of a site with a G100 approved limiting solution. This means that customers can install beyond the maximum export capacity allowed by their local DNO if they can prove to that body that the system, despite having high capacity, will not export […]

At no extra cost, the warranty has been extended to 10 years. Huawei have increased the standard five year warranty for the smaller three phase range of inverters to ten years. These three phase inverters have gone from 5 to 10 year warranty without any extra cost: SUN2000-12KTL-M0 SUN2000-15KTL-M0 SUN2000-20KTL-M0 This change has been applied retrospectively, […]

Help the authorities and yourself during this difficult time now with COVID-19 when travel is limited to essential journeys only. In some areas the police are stopping people and enquiring about their reason for travel during lock down and asking if their journey is necessary – however, construction sites have not yet been ordered to […]

Register now for free Enphase Microinverter Training across UK & The Republic of Ireland in early 2020. A series of training days are designed to up-skill you and your installers with a greater insight into the Enphase IQ System. At the end of the half-day sessions, attendees will be able to sell and install more […]

For the latest Techie Top Tip, we went straight to the experts, Huawei, world leaders in consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment and, of course, 3 phase inverters! Choosing the size of an inverter is a simple task, however there are some considerations that must be kept in mind when doing this in order to design your […]

Are you an installer? Offer your customer a solar panel flat roof system that works as hard as they do. With Jinko MX panels and a Solis inverter – we’ll show you how you can optimise any flat roof space. Generate your own electricity – make commercial roofs work! More Roof Space = More Modules = More Output […]

SolarEdge Live WEBINARS: SolarEdge have just released a truckload of live webinar dates, sign up today! Watch SolarEdge Live WEBINARS SolarEdge is running a series of webinars in September to keep you up to date with their Design tool, SetApp, Monitoring, the unique EV Charging Inverter and the not-to-be-missed Tips & Tricks for installers. SolarEdge WEBINARS: […]