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Solis Mini 2500-4G 2.5kW Solar Inverter Single Tracker w DC Isolator

£319.90 £294.90 excl. VAT

  • Rating: 2,500W
  • Phases: 1
Solis Mini Single Phase Series PV Inverters are the latest generation innovation products from Ginlong Technologies, including numerous protection functions and power range from 700W to 3600W . IP65 design make it visually pleasing for domestic environment. Solis Mini boast over 96% Max. efficiency and featuring an ultra-low voltage start up, precise MPPT algorithm and controlled PWM inverter technology, and numerous monitoring option via RS485, WIFI and GPRS interface. All these features has make Solis Mini series very popular among customers.


All new MINI series – Extended to 3600W

● High switch frequency technology-Smallersmarter

● DRM integratedfully comply with AS47772:2015

● Compact and lightweightvisually pleasing for domestic environment

● 50V-600V input voltage range- ultra low startup

● Over 97.5% Max.efficiency

● Precise MPPT algorithm

● IP65 rated for external installation

● RS485 WiFi/GPRS (optional) interface

● WiFi monitoring available—iphone and android app available

● Multiple protections levels

● 5 years standard warranty 20 years optional upgrade





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Solis Mini 2500-4G 2.5kW Solar Inverter Single Tracker w DC Isolator

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Solis Mini Technical Data

Model Solis-mini-2500-4G-DC
Energy Source PV
Input Side(DC)
Max. DC input power(kW) 3
Max. DC input voltage(V) 600
Start-up voltage(V) 90
MPPT voltage range(V) 80-500
Max. input current(A) 11A
MPPT number/Max input strings number 1/1
Output Side (AC)
Rated output power(kW) 2.5
Max. apparent output power(kVA) 2.8
Max. output power(kW) 2.8
Rated grid voltage(V) 230
Grid voltage range(V) 160-285
Rated grid frequency(Hz) 50/60
Operation phase Single
Rated grid output current(A) 10.9
Max. output current(A) 13.3
Power Factor (at rated output power) 0.8…1…0.8
THDi (at rated output power) <1.5%
DC injection current(mA) <20
Grid frequency range(Hz) 47-52 or 57-62
Max.efficiency 97.5%
EU efficiency 96.8%
MPPTefficiency >99.5%
DC reverse-polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Output over current protection Yes
Output over voltage protection Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
Residual current detection Yes
Surge protection Yes
Islanding protection Yes
temperature protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Optional
General Data
Dimensins(mm) 310W*373H*160D (mm)
Weight(kg) 7.7
Topology Transformerless
Self consumption (night) <1W(Night)
Operating ambient temperature range -25~60℃
Ingress protection Ip65
Noise emission{typical} <20 dBA
Cooling concept Natural convection
Max.operation altitude 4000m
Designed lifetime >20years
Grid connection standard EN50438 G83/2 AS4777.2:2015 VDE0126-1-1 IEC61727 VDE N4105
Relative humidity 0~100%
Safty/EMC standard IEC62109-1/-2 NB/T 32004EN61000-6-1 EN61000-6-3
DC connection MC-4mateable
AC connection Ip67rated plug
Display LCD2×20 Z.
Communication connections 4 pins RS485 connector
Warranty 5 years standard (extend to 20 years)

Solis Inverters logo

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies World Headquarters and are located in Zhejiang, China.  The Ginlong Wind Products and PV Inverter Product manufacturing facilities, also located in Ningbo, feature state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in one of the largest renewable energy equipment manufacturing facilities in Asia.  The company has representatives across the globe with sales and customer service offices in Europe, the United States and Australia. Ginlong Technologies has grown to be a highly specialized company focused on research, development, design and manufacturing of very high quality small-scale wind turbine equipment and PV inverters. By establishing local after-sales and technical support centers around the globe, Ginlong has been able to provide its customers with real time support to resolve any query that may be presented. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. BEST Products from the BEST Brands at the BEST Prices for ZERO Home Bills on by Solaranna. 

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Additional information

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 31 × 16 × 37.3 cm
Product Category

Inverters, on-grid inverters, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)




2.5 kW

Rated Power (W/kW)

2.5 kW

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    Best price I ve ever seen for a Solis Mini 2500.

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