SMA Tigo Cloud Connect Advance SET outdoor

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SET for outdoor use, including CloudConnectAdvanced, Gateway and DIN rail power supply

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SMA Tigo Cloud Connect Advance SET outdoor provides robust and scalable wireless communications with each smart PV module. This solution provides clear, concise communication with the smart modules on the array, vastly exceeding the quality of data transmission over previous powerline methods.

Each Gateway can communicate with up to 120 smart modules and be easily combined with other Gateways to accommodate larger arrays.

  • Wireless (802.15)
  • Wireless Range 50ft (15m) line-of-sight
  • Operating temperature range -30°C +70°C
  • IP 65

Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) – SMA Tigo Cloud Connect Advance SET outdoor

One of the smallest solar data loggers on the planet, Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) enables valuable insight to collected and transmitted data for real-time analysis. The CCA is part of Tigo’s SMART communication platform which is supported by all major inverter and module manufacturers world-wide.

  • Enables faster deployment
  • Increases integration opportunities for more inverter partners
  • Expediates immediate access to system data for installers
  • Enables internet connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or optional cellular connectivity


Tigo® is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. Tigo’s vision is to leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE (module-level power electronics) and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the smartest TS4 modular platform and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, Latin America, Carribean, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East. 

The company` mission is to increase customer’s ROI by delivering smart PV technology, designed to yield maximum energy harvest at minimal cost. Tigo offers customers, suppliers, and financial communities the solution that improves return on investment at each level and guarantees to reduce the O&M cost over the lifetime of any project. BEST Products from the BEST at the BEST Retail Prices for ZERO Home Bills on by Solaranna. 

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