Silentwind Nosecone White


  • replacement nosecone for windgenerators SILENTWIND, all AIR X©-types and AIR BREEZE©
  • safe at storm and high rotations
  • made by ABS – PC material
  • high break and shock resistance
  • UV-resistant
  • wind channel optimized
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Silentwind Nosecone White

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Silentwind Nosecone White

Silentwind Nosecone White

Established in 1993, Rulis Electrica, Lda is a Portuguese company with German management. We have thirty years of experience and know-how acquired with our work on small wind turbines on marine vessels under particularly difficult conditions, especially on the Portuguese coast and in Atlantic crossings.

Our initial activity for the area of small wind turbines was the development of low noise rotorblades made of 100% carbon fiber material, handlaminated and UV-resistent. These blades were introduced in 2008 as replacement parts for a windgenerator well known on the market as very noisy. They were previously sold by Spreco, a member company of our group.

Due to their great success, we decided to develop and manufacture our own appropriate wind generator for our silent power blades. In the end of 2010, the commercialization of our Silentwind generator started and has become a worldwide success for sea and land use. Since the beginning of 2012, all our products can be ordered directly from us or our dealers under the brandname SILENTWIND. ZERO Home bills ZERO Utility Bills

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