Phaesun Solar Ventilation Kit Fresh Breeze Black

£69.90 £59.90 excl. VAT

1,2 W, 2 VDC, air delivery 65m³/h, blade diameter 96 mm, fan wheel for suction or blowing, 5 blades, black

The solar ventilation kit Fresh Breeze can be used in many different ways: In the agricultural sector e.g. for the ventilation of chicken houses, for rooms with little air circulation such as green houses or winter gardens, garden huts or other rooms that are not used so often. Fresh breeze helps to keep the air fresh and to avoid musty odours and the condensation of water. The ventilator starts automatically as soon as the irradiation of the sun is high enough (also works with diffuse irradiation). No power supply or cabling is necessary. The ventilation system can be easily integrated in any (non-shaded) outer wall. The system can be easily changed for either in or out airflow.


  • Solar-driven wall ventilation system: No extra power supply necessary
  • Made out of solied ABS-plastics
  • UV- and weather resistant
  • Nearly no noise
  • Metal protective grill and screws inclusive



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Phaesun Solar Ventilation Kit Fresh Breeze Black

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Phaesun Solar Ventilation Kit Fresh Breeze Black

Article No:380123
Product Weight: 0.80 kg
Packed Weight:1 kg
Dimensions:214 x 240 x 186 mm (LxWxH)
Shipping:Parcel Post

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Established in 2001, Phaesun GmbH is a German company with its Headquarters in Memmingen, Germany and its manufacturing facility in China producing high quality off- and on-grid energy efficiency products like solar charge controllers, wind charge controllers, hybrid solar/wind charge controller, wind turbines, off-grid solar panels and accessories, solar batteries as well as off-grid appliances focusing. The multiple Intersolar and Energy Globe Awards  winner has a more than 20 years track record in off-grid renewable energy solutions. The company has several subsidiaries in African countries as well as in France, United Arab Emirates and Panama. As one of our strategic partners, Phaesun GmbH shares the same values as and Solaranna Limited: that free energy is available for everyone; furthermore the off-grid renewable systems are a contribution to the individual independence of everyone on Earth. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. BEST Products from the BEST at the BEST Retail Prices available in your market delivered by Solaranna. 

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions21.4 × 24 × 18.6 cm
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DC Fans, Off-Grid Appliances, Solar Ventilation Kit



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