Luxor ECO LINE P60-250W Poly Solar Panel

Luxor ECO LINE P60-250W Poly Solar Panel

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Luxor Solar
  • Rating: 250W
  • Efficiency: 15.38%
  • Width: 992mm
  • Height: 1,640mm

Luxor Solar

The multicrystalline Luxor module with blue surface is the best guarantee for highest efficiency. It is especially suited for industrial scale projects.

The module with 60 cells and a rated power of 250 Wp is the largest all-rounder among the sophisticated solar modules by Luxor. Its remarkably high wattage and the relatively low voltages make it possible to install more modules in series, so that the inverter can be designed more economically. This makes the Eco Line 60 really ideal for industrial scale projects – from the open-field plant, through the tracking system, to the roof-mounted installation. The polycrystalline cells with a size of 6” are leading in the field.

Your advantage: They can be produced more economically and are marked by their low temperature coefficient.

Luxor Solar

Luxor Solar

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Luxor ECO LINE P60-250W Poly Solar Panel

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Luxor ECO LINE P60-250W Poly Solar Panel

Nominal output 250
Nominal voltage (V) 30.75
Nominal current (A) 8.14
Short-circuit current (A) 8.59
Open-circuit voltage (V) 37.31
System voltage (V) 1000
Cell type polycrystalline
Output tolerance +6,49 Wp
Length (mm) 1,638
Width (mm) 982
Height (mm) 40
Weight (kg) 18
Cell count vertical 10
Cell count horizontal 6
Cell length (inches) 156
Cell width (inches) 156
Frame type Standard
Certificate 1 IEC/TÜV
Certificate 2 Protection Class 2
Plug type MC4 connectable
logo-LuxorLuxor Solar has developed and produced high-quality solar modules of the highest German engineering standard since 2004.  The company attributes special importance to long service life, reliability and stringent standards with a 100 % quality inspection. This also applies to the licensed partner productions in Asia and Europe, employing a sustainable manufacturing process for Luxor modules. Powered by Luxor Solar‘s experience from an installed capacity of 5.1 million modules in more than 30 countries and its own subsidiaries in Shanghai and Tokyo, Luxor Solar GmbH is working on tomorrow‘s energy concepts.

Pragmatic management and solid products are the foundations of Luxor‘s success. The various ISO-certifications prove the quality approach of the self-financed and independent company. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. BEST Products from the BEST Brands at BEST Prices for ZERO Home Bills on by Solaranna. 

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 164 × 99.2 × 4 cm
Product Category

Panels and Modules, Polycrystalline, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)


Luxor Solar

Rated Power (W/kW)

250 W

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