Goodwe 3648D-ES 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter


ES Series Bi-directional-energy-storage

GoodWe ES series bi-directional energy storage inverter is compatible with both on-grid and off-grid PV systems. It can control the flow of energy intelligently. During daytime, the PV plant generates electricity which can be provided to the loads, fed into the grid or charge the battery. The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night. Additionally, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via the inverter.

  • Future conception for Solar
  • Charge controller and inverter integrated
  • Intelligent battery management function
  • Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent
  • Compatible with both Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery
  • More security & performance for same costs
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-proof rating
  • 45°C full-load output
  • Monitoring inverters freely via computers or mobile phones
  • Fanless low-noise design

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Goodwe 3648D-ES 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

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Goodwe 3648D-ES 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

Supplier Part No: GW3648D-ES
Rated Power: 3,600 W
Min PPT Voltage: 125 V
Max PPT Voltage: 550 V
DC Startup Voltage: 125 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 125 V
Max Input Voltage: 580 V
Max DC Power: 4,200 W
Max AC Power: 3,600 W
Max DC Current: 30 A
Max DC Inputs: 2
Has DC Fuses: 0
Connector: MC4 Compatible
Included Connectors: 2
Euro Efficiency: 97 %
Transformer: None
IP Rating: IP65
MPPT Trackers: 2
Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes
Warranty: 5 years


Goodwe 3648D-ES 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter ZERO Home bills ZERO Utility Bills

GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd, is renewable energy enterprise located in the “Venice of the East”, a technology city called Suzhou. Since its foundation, GoodWe has focused on the technical development and manufacture of solar PV inverters and related monitoring solutions.

The industrial designs of all the series of GoodWe inverters, including the SS, NS, DS, DT and ES series, derive from technology demanded by German standards. The capacity ranges from 1.0kW to 50kW: the highest conversion efficiency is up to 98.8%; MPPT efficiency is up to 99.5%; THDi is less than 1%. Also, we have developed a complete solution of monitoring products, catering to the diverse demands of our clients.

All of the GoodWe inverters have been certified by CGC, CEI0-21, VDE, TUV, CE, G83, G59, SAA, EN50438, MEA, PEA and are listed by CEC from Australia, Western Power and Danish Government for universal applications in the corresponding regions and countries.

GoodWe has been listed as “Advanced Technical Enterprise” by the local government, “Top 20 Chinese PV Inverter Enterprise in 2014” by PV365 Power Station Website, “Top 10 Chinese PV Inverter Enterprise” by Shine magazine, “Top 10 Chinese Solar Inverter Brand” by BJX magazine, “Top 10 Chinese Solar Inverter Brand” by PV CHINA, “SNEC MW Golden Award” ZERO Home bills ZERO Utility Bills

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Goodwe 3648D-ES 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 52 x 44 x 19 cm
Product Category

Inverters, OFF-GRID INVERTERS, Hybrid Inverters, on-grid inverters, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)



Capacity/Power (W/kW)

3.6 kW

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