E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go White

E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

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 E-bit H, the foldable e-bike | Wayel Pack&Go

E-bit Holiday, thanks to its versatile front motor 250W in combination with the wheels 18”, is able to face medium distances covered. The implementation of the new 3-speed Shimano Nexus integrated gearbox allows to overcome with no problem even the most challenging climbs, and to shift gear even at a stationary position.


E-bit is available in Holiday version. It has wheels 18”, with tyres suitable for bumpy roads. E-bit Holiday includes all technological innovations of Wayel house: 36V batteries are Lithium-Ion and equipped with Samsung cells, thus ensuring a higher quality and safety. Batteries are available in 2 different capacities, that can be freely selected according to the route needs. The gear is 3-speed Shimano Nexus embedded, for shifting gears also when in stationary position. The 3 assistance levels – selectable by computer on board – allow to manage the power supplying of motor in the best way, while the pedalling is always very light.

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E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

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E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

Technical Features

Model unisex
Transmission belt drive
Colour mat black/silver
Frame aluminium
Speed limit 25 km/h
Wheels/tyres 18” x 2.00” (wide tread tyres)
Motor capacity/torque 250W/19Nm Brushless 36V
PAS 12-magnets pedalling sensor
Weight excluding battery 16.4 kg (with rear rack)
Battery removable  Lithium-Ion 36V with Samsung cells
Brakes front  & rear  V brake
Saddle suspended with LED lights
Front fork  xed
Gear embedded Shimano Nexus 3 – speed gear
Standard accessories multifunction control unit; soft start function; foldable soft bag
Optional accessories rear rack

E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

E-Bike Foldable E-bit H Wayel Pack&Go

Termal Group from Italy, which over the years has established a deep experience in the Far East concerning the field of air conditioning, enters the market of electric mobility and founds Wayel: this with the goal to give the Italian interpretation of the phenomenon of the electric bike, that represents a real boom in China.

In cooperation with the University of Bologna within the program of battery testing, OneCity is born, the electrically assisted pedal bike with shaft drive transmission. Concept & design are Made in Italy exclusively; OneCity is presented at RtoB Innovation Show in Bologna.

Wayel presents 3 new models: E-Bit, OneCity Long Ride and Eco’. With E-Bit, acronym of E-bike in trolley, Wayel faces the intermodal trasport: E-bike can be easily loaded and stored in its trolley supplied. The bicycle can be quickly folded in 3 simple moves and easily carried by all means of transport: car, camper, train, subway, bus, boat, plane.

The electric bike becomes intermodal and represents a sort of addition to people mobility: a personal e-bike. OneCity Long Ride is the ideal leisure bike for long distances, with a range higher than the average, while Eco’ is the easy electric bike, having a price within everybody’s reach and suitable for diff erent users. Wayel stands out again by introducing on the market a line of lightweight Lithium Polymer batteries: interchangeable on all models, certified UN38.3 and in 3 different energy sizes, these batteries give their customers the opportunity to determine the electric bicycle’s range according to their needs.

In contrast to the strong economic crisis, Termal Group decides to invest and expand its mobility proposal. The new factory of 7,100 square metres will operate in a completely ZEB logic (Zero Energy Building). The building self-generates not only the energy used for the living comfort, but also the energy necessary for its industrial production, that is all the energy needed for the activity. The new complex is designed to house the creation of new models, including an innovative electric city motorbike.

After three years of study and research, the prototype of this motorbike will be presented within 2013. With the production of a motorcycle wholly Made in Italy, Wayel extends the fi eld of its action and runs for the Italian leadership in two-wheel electric mobility.

E-Bike Golden Gate Ladies ’15

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