LG CollageLG Solar, which is the solar division of the worldwide operating company for consumer electronics, telecommunications and domestic appliances, LG Electronics, profits from over 50 years experience in mass production. What began as research and developmental work within the scope of solar cells and module production in the research lab of LG, has in the meantime become the growth engine of the LG group. With focus on monocrystalline solar modules, LG covers the complete production steps under a single roof. Additionally, efforts with regard to environmental compatibility are exemplary. The use of hazardous substances is fully omitted during the manufacturing process.

Product advantages

3. Easy to install

  • Very lightweight – starting at with 16,8 kg
  • Fast and easy handling during transportation,grounding, and installation
  • Special design for a perfect look and flexible installation
    (horizontal and vertical)

4. Quality-conscious

  • 100 percent electroluminescence test
  • Environment and quality certificates (DIN EN ISO 14001. DIN EN ISO 9001)
  • TÜV-tested salt mist and ammonia resistance

LG Solar

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