Kostal PIKO BA Battery Inverter 10.0

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PIKO BA Battery Inverter 10.0

KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH with its headquarters in Germany produces quality inverters and storage systems for the international photovoltaic market. The company relies on more than 100 years of professional knowledge and the strong community of the Group of companies.

Inspired by the “zero-defect philosophy“ of the automotive supplier branch, KOSTAL Solar Electric pursues highest quality standards. Those pervade every functional area from product development to production, following highest technical standards at the KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik in Hagen, Germany, as well as the distribution and service performance from KOSTAL Solar Electric in Freiburg, Germany. The PIKO-inverter from the compnay is particularly appreciated, because functions, which usually are fee-based, are integrated standardly.

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