Solar Water Pump Inverters

The Solar Water Pump Inverter or solar pumping inverters we sell are compatible with submersible pumps, surface pumps, swimming pool pumps using 3-phase induction motors.

Buy Solar Water Pump Inverters at Best Price

These pumping inverters convert PV array power direct to AC power. The MPP-tracker adjusts the output frequency according to the radiations.

  • Faster response and good stability.
  • MPPT efficiency reaches 99%.
  • Full automatic operation. Pump operation frequency range can be set based on project requirement. 8 years storage capacity for operation data.
  • Intelligent power module used in main circuit. High reliability. Up to 98% conversion efficiency.
  • Support soft start of pump. Full motor protections. Optional water level switch to protect overflow and dry running.
  • Multiple DC input strings can implement solar combiner function, anti-reverse circuit at each input string.
  • Good sealing, IP65 protection grade. Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃. Ambient humidity ≤95%. Suitable for harsh outdoor installation environment.