SOLAR ROOF TILES for various types of roofing. Solar Tiles Integrates seamlessly with your roof to deliver high performance, clean, green energy to your home without the look of unsightly bolt-on panels. Unlike traditional solar panels, solar roof tiles are built into the structure of the roof and are installed in the same overlapping way as traditional roof slates. The best time to install solar tiles is during the construction of the roof.

As solar tiles form part of the roof, they are much better at blending in meaning they are often considered to be less obtrusive than traditional solar panels. However, modern solar panels have come along way to improve their visual design meaning they are now much better at blending in with the rest of the roof.

Unless you are building a new home or having a new roof fitted, solar panels are likely to be much more cost effective than solar roof tiles; solar panels can simply be attached to an existing roof and typically cost less meaning they generate a higher return on investment.  Also, there is no need to cut, grind or drill through your existing roof during installation. However, for homeowners who feel that the appearance of their roof is paramount or for whom cost is less of a concern, solar tiles could still be a viable option.

Unlike traditional bolt-on systems, the impact on the natural wind flow around the roof is minimized, hence wind pressures and debris build up around the system are reduced.

Being a tile based modular system, Solar Roof Tiles can be installed in any configuration including smaller sections of your roof to optimize energy production.

Up to 25 YEAR POWER AND PRODUCT GUARANTEE solar manufacturers provide a 25 year power guarantee on the solar tiles. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar tiles in the industry to assured our solar generation of energy, and also to assured you get the right return based on your investment. solar panels 25 years power guarantee provide a reliability which is beyond compare. SOLAR KITS and PACKAGES

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