Smart modules or Solar Smart Panels are a type of solar panel that has a power optimizer embedded into the solar module at the time of manufacturing. Typically the power optimizer is embedded in the junction box of the solar module. Power optimizers attached to the frame of a solar module, or connected to the photovoltaic circuit through a connector, are not properly considered smart modules. SOLAR SMART PANELS

Smart modules integrate high performance monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells with intelligent technologies such as the current-bypass technology of power optimizers. With this additional layer of power electronics in place, smart modules enable the design of systems in congurations not previously possible—multiple module tilts, various orientations, etc.— eliminating the negative eects of shading. Additionally, because the module and smart technologies are shipped as one unit, installers benet from shorter installation times.

Almost each smart module is equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing installers and system owners alike to access and analyze performance data through intuitive software. Even homeowners or operators away on vacation can easily monitor a system via a mobile app. SOLAR SMART PANELS

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