Electric Power from both sides

Hybrid Solar Panels generates solar electricity simultaneously on the front and on the back side. The back side of the modules takes up environmental light reflected from surrounding surfaces. This additional amount of light is combined with the light taken up by the front side of the Module. As compared to the single-side  solar modules, energy generation can be increased by up to 20% per square meter These solar panels are also some of the highest performance modules currently available. SOLAR HYBRID PANELS

Electricity and Hot Water at the same time

By efficiently drawing heat away from the solar panel for space heating, hot water, de-salination and cooling the photovoltaic cells are maintained at an optimum operating temperature.  This results in significantly higher electrical output than standard photovoltaic panels.  This type of device is commonly referred to as PVT.

Both energy outputs are optimized replacing the need for two separate conventional panels (PV and Thermal), dramatically reducing installation time and cost whilst maximizing useable installation area.

The vacuum tubes have low thermal losses and will produce abundant hot water / heat regardless of being installed in hot or cold climates. For installations requiring high temperatures for thermally driven cooling or heat storage we are producing matching ‘thermal only’ vacuum tubes, which will be able to produce significantly higher temperatures. Early indications are that ‘these hybrid solar panels produce unprecedented power output and is a step change in solar technology. SOLAR HYBRID PANELS

Up to 25 YEAR POWER AND PRODUCT GUARANTEE solar manufacturers provide up 25 year power guarantee on the solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panel in the industry to assured our solar panels generation of energy, and also to assured you get the right return based on your investment. solar panels up 25 years power guarantee provide a reliability which is beyond compare. SOLAR MONOCRYSTALLINE PANELS

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