Portable Solar Panels

Our portable solar panels (from truck beds to backpacks) can be hung, strapped, and packed for ultimate portability. Some with LED indicators that display strength of solar conditions and give feedback on the speed of charging, it’s never been easier to harness the power of the sun wherever you go.

Foldable solar panels are ultra lightweight and portable, weather-resistant solar panel which enables you to charge handheld USB gear directly from the sun.

Use a portable power bank and store power for your gear day or night.

Portable, rugged, and powerful, our largest foldable panels are designed for mobile base-camps and die-hard adventurers. With built-in charging cable for Sherpa Power Packs and Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station. Can be chained with other solar panels to collect more power from the sun.

What a portable solar panel can charge?

The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. You can plug your phone directly into the panel or use it to recharge a portable recharger for later use. Our portable solar panel for sale is best used for recharging things like:

  • Headlamps and Camping Lighting
  • Phones
  • Other smaller USB devices
  • Mobile base-camps