Caravan Solar Panel Kits

When looking for the ideal solar panels to build a caravan solar panel kit for a motorhome, boat or RV, a lot of measurements, diagrams and choices are thrown at you from all directions.

Motorhome solar panels, solar kits for boat or RV. Where to start?


  • Free electricity generation
  • Silent power
  • Zero reliance on fossil fuel (petrol or gas)

CARAVAN Solar Kits , Camping Solar Kits, Outdoor Solar Kits

The difficulties relating to solar panel purchases are usually due to misinterpreted information or greediness from the supplier. We will:

  • Provide helpful tips on how to maximise the energy output from a solar kit;
  • Describe different solar panels and how to install them
  • Give advice on the size of solar panel and size of controller you will need
  • Recommend additional products for the solar charging process

Tips for getting the maximum energy out of your new solar kit

Power (W) Watts (W) = Current in amps (A) x voltage in Volts (V)

Energy (Wh) Watt hours (Wh) = Power in watts (W) x time in hours (h)

Battery capacity (Ah) Amp hours (Ah) = Energy in watt hours (Wh) / voltage in Volts (V)

The most common complaints about solar panels are that they are too expensive, do not work all the time, or do not create enough electricity when it is required. These points are all valid when the incorrect solar power system is purchased. For example, a trickle-charge solar power kit will not create enough power to top-up a battery that is constantly powering large electrical appliances all year round. This small mistake becomes an expensive one if a larger solar kit is needed instead.

There are several easy ways to get the most out of your purchase and increase the electricity potential:

  • The Sun – Solar panels require bright, direct sunlight to be able to produce the maximum amount of electricity
  • Position outside – This may seem straightforward, but positioning solar panels behind windows can reduce the output of the solar panel by up to 50%
  • Reduce inefficiencies – Shortening the length of cable, buying a better controller or enlarging your battery capacity are all ways of generating more power
  • Take your time – Do some research and follow this guide so that you will have a better idea of the best system for your specific needs.