Micro Inverters

A solar micro inverter, or simply microinverter, is a device used in photovoltaics that converts direct current(DC) generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC).

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The output from several micro-inverters is combined and often fed to the electrical grid. Micro-inverters contrast with conventional string and central solar inverters, which are connected to multiple solar modules or panels of the PV system.

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Microinverters have several advantages over conventional inverters. The main advantage is that small amounts of shading, debris or snow lines on any one solar module, or even a complete module failure, do not disproportionately reduce the output of the entire array. Each microinverter harvests optimum power by performing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for its connected module. Simplicity in system design, lower amperage wires, simplified stock management, and added safety are other factors introduced with the micro-inverter solution. We sell the best brands at best prices. Enjoy shopping.