Roof Integrated Solar Systems

All our roof integrated solar panel mounting systems and accessories are MCS certified and hold the necessary certifications for majority of European countries.  Save your costs on tiles at your new built or complete refurb project. World revolutionary solution for roofing solutions with solar photovoltaic panels. Save on your bills. Start today!

Roof integrated solar panel mounting systems and accessories for Sale at best price

The main benefits of  the roof integrated solar panel mounting systems:

  • Perfect aesthetic for an easy integration of the window into a PV field without additional work,
  • Easy and quick to install; a 3kW system installed in just a few hours
  • Compatible with standards VELUX type of roof windows.
  • Flexible installation: achieve any configuration in landscape, portrait, u-shape or on any type of roof.
  • Fit majority of the solar panels in or shop and not only
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

The GSE, Viridian and EasyRoof  systems look fantastic, especially with black solar panels, and costs barely more than a standard roofing system and solar mounting on top.