Solar Power Management

Our solar power management, smart energy controls & energy manager components come from leading manufacturers with superior quality, reliability and guarantees.

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Solar Power Management, Smart Energy Controls & Energy Managers

These solar  and battery storage components are responsible for a smart management of the the flow of the energy from production to your loads.  Smart power management from your solar pv, wind and hydro; furthermore from your grid or from your battery storage.

Solar power management components include smart plugs, smart meters, grid tie and off-grid power management tailor made cabinets, smart home management devices, current transformers and many more.

With an solar energy management system you’ll be able to:

  • Have peace of mind that your solar or battery system is performing well
  • See how much electricity is being generated by your solar PV system and how much is stored, discharged from your batteries
  • Compare your electricity generation against your electricity consumption
  • See how much free electricity has been generated by your PV system
  • Take control of your appliances and gadgets
  • See your Feed-in Tariff generation readings (if your system was accepted on to the scheme before March 31st 2019) or
  • Limit your export to the grid, using the Smart Energy component as a solar export limitation device.