Solar Monitoring and Communication

Our solar monitoring systems as well as a simple solar panel monitoring are key components of a PV system. Together with solar battery monitoring and communication components allow you to fully monitor the performance of your complete solar kit.

Solar Panel Monitoring and Communication

Depending what system you have – grid tie, grid tie with backup of a fully off-grid solar system the solar monitoring and communication elements of your kit will give you valuable feedback on the performance of your solar panels, your inverter, imported and exported electricity or the status of your batteries.

In some cases even about the weather conditions, wind, temperature and irradiation to secure maximum and optimum power for your solar panels, inverter and your loads.

We do stock monitoring and communication components for all  solar brands we sell in our DIY Energy Store including but not limited to SMA, Victron, Solis, Solax, SolarEdge, Fronius, Steca and many more. Contact us if you cannot find a solar accessory in our shop.