Charge Controllers

The most important job of all solar charge controllers or a charge regulator is to properly charge the batteries and to give them as long a life as possible. This solar component is the central component in a stand-alone power system.

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It controls the energy flow in the entire system and determines the system function and service life. This means that a suitable solar charge regulator must be selected carefully. The charge regulator only accounts for between 3 % and 5 % of the total cost of a stand-alone system, and yet it is the most important component. A high-quality, reliable charge regulator in a higher price class pays for itself very quickly.  The controller increases the battery life and thus leads to a significant saving in system costs.

Additional functions

It makes sense to use solar charge regulator with additional functions in applications with stand-alone inverters or hybrid systems. The possibility of connecting to the stand-alone inverters for communication and synchronisation of the devices is a requirement for effective inverter systems or hybrid systems. Special energy management functions remain of key importance on hybrid systems.

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