The GU10 is a popular bulb found in many fittings in private homes and businesses.

Its name comes from its glass material and the 10mm 2-pin bayonet mount. There are many different versions of the bulb. The beauty of the LED version of this bulb type is its 90% energy saving in comparison to its halogen counterparts. It uses up to 90% less electricity than the incandescent and halogen versions, making it the only and the best choice for energy savings. In the ZEROhomebills STORE, we have a wide range of LED bulbs, in a variety of colors, lumens and options, as well as GU10 LED bulbs and downlight fittings. Browse our full range the range today.

GU10 LED Spot Lights are available in warm white, daylight and cool white, technically speaking a range between 2700K and 5500K that will illuminate any area around you exactly as you would like. With our dimmable models, you can create the perfect level of light for your planned activity; whether you are in your home or your business.

With our downlight fittings you can adjust your GU10 LED Spot Lights to the exact angle and place you would like. So whether you’re in need of task light for your kitchen spotlights or you’re looking to switch and save, we have the right lighting solution for you. Majority of our products come with a 5 year warranty. Please check it on the product`s data sheet.

We stock and sell products from Philips, Osram GE Lighting, LUMILife, Luceco, ALed and OntopX.

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