Diesel Power Generators

From 3kVA portable single phase silent diesel power generators, up to 3000kVA three phase models from Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler-BDMO. Power generation  plants at best price.

Buy Diesel Power Generators | Outdoor Power Equipment at Best Price

Our diesel generators can prove vital for emergency situations, where storms of floods have caused power outages. There are also thousands of DIY and industrial uses. Whether you need a powerful industrial generator for a construction site, or a small portable model for a camping trip, we will stock the right generator for your needs.

Our portable generators feature a light-weight, and easy-to-transport design but still pack enough power. We offer stock a range of diesel generators, which produce maximum energy with limited fuel consumption and are perfect for situations where are large amount of fuel needs to be carried.

The power generator models range from heavy duty models ideal for emergency situations, to smaller portable models suitable for camping and caravanning.