Off-Grid Battery Storage

All our Off-Grid Battery Storage components and kits are from world leading battery manufacturer with superior quality and guarantees. Majority of our battery storage kits are fully configurable, same as all our solar battery storage kits.

Buy Off-Grid Battery Storage Kits

These Off-Grid Battery Storage components or kits are made to:

  • store the energy produced by your solar pv, wind turbine or hydro turbine for a later use
  • provide full energy independence for you off-grid home or cabin
  • provide power for your RV, Caravan or your boat

The basic components of these battery  kits in majority of the cases include the the lithium or deep cycle batteries with BMS, the battery inverter and charger with grid forming capabilities. At the same time include all the other components you need to built an off-grid power system.  Majority of our Off-Grid Battery Storage kits are plug and play and can be installed easily by any DIY customer of ours.  None of our systems sold in our shop would require a certified installer by the manufacturer.

In majority of the countries installing an off-grid system does not require an approval from authorities; therefore can be installed by any DIY customer. With all that said we recommend to have a certified electrician making the final connection to secure and meet maximum safety and operational needs.