Grid Tied Battery Storage

All our Grid Tied Battery Storage kits are from world leading battery manufacturer with superior quality and guarantees. Majority of our battery storage kits are fully configurable.

Buy Self Consumption Battery Storage Kits

These grid tied battery storage kits are made for power self consumption, meaning that either:

  • store the produced electricity from your solar pv, wind or hydro for a later use, or
  • store the cheap power taken from the grid for a later use during the day

The basic components of these battery  kits in majority of the cases include the the lithium or deep cycle batteries with BMS, the battery inverter and charger or a hybrid solar inverter and all the other components you need to connect the system to your power system. Majority of our self consumption battery storage kits are plug and play and can be installed easily. With all said some of the products require an installer certified by the manufacturer; otherwise the guarantee of the product will be lost. For example LG CHEM and Tesla fall in this product category.