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A solar panel micro inverter is device that connects to a single solar panel, converting DC (direct current) from the panel into AC (alternating current), which can power household appliances or be sent into the grid for energy credits. Unlike string inverters, micro inverters control the output of a single panel. This article outlines the […]

Fronius is launching a whole portfolio of qualitatively unbeatable hybrid inverters with the Gen24 Plus series onto the market. The  Fronius Primo Gen24 is available as a single-phase inverter in the performance classes 3.0/3.6/4.0/4.6/5.0/6.0 kW and is ideal for PV systems up to 6 kWp. Buy Fronius Primo and Symo Gen24 Plus However, the company’s highlight and Europe’s market […]

Solar panels with built-in optimizers are very much in vogue. They can also obtain more yield from the PV system in the event of shading, different orientation or different module types and thus enable the perfect use of the roof. Optimized solar panels – Worth it? Performance optimizers can also monitor modules and even perform fire […]

The use of energy meters in photovoltaic systems for dynamic in-feed control or for a battery storage system is meanwhile nothing new. In larger systems, however, it is often not possible to connect the normal meters directly, as these could be destroyed by the sometimes very high currents. Basic principle of current transformer The so-called measuring […]

Enphase Expl-animations: a series of short films that explains microinverters and solar PV to homeowners. It’s not an easy task to explain how a solar PV system works to a layman, which is where these short animated films from Enphase come in. Designed to explain solar PV and the role of microinverters, each film is easily […]

The Solis range of power managers allow you to reduce the maximum export of a site with a G100 approved limiting solution. This means that customers can install beyond the maximum export capacity allowed by their local DNO if they can prove to that body that the system, despite having high capacity, will not export […]

At no extra cost, the warranty has been extended to 10 years. Huawei have increased the standard five year warranty for the smaller three phase range of inverters to ten years. These three phase inverters have gone from 5 to 10 year warranty without any extra cost: SUN2000-12KTL-M0 SUN2000-15KTL-M0 SUN2000-20KTL-M0 This change has been applied retrospectively, […]

Power Outages Are Not a Problem Anymore with the LG Chem Home Solar Battery LG Home Battery helps homeowners have their lights on during power outages as well as helping them stay off the grid resulting in reduction in electricity bills. LG Chem is planning to enlighten people more about home batteries so that more […]

Five reasons why to buy bifacial solar panels for you DIY solar project; in short, bifacial modules are the future of the industry. Price vs Output Some bifacial module manufacturers claim up to a 30% increase in production just from the extra power generated from the rear, so the extra expense is mitigated. Price Per […]

The most frequent misconception on solar panel systems is that customers are convinced that if they have a solar panel system they will have uninterrupted power supply when the grid is down. Do Solar Panels Work During a Power Cut? The short answer is: it depends. As a default no.  If your home is connected […]