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Allows easy commissioning from your smartphone. Activating, commissioning, and configuring SolarEdge inverters is about to become very simple with the new SolarEdge smartphone app – SetApp. All of the new generations of SolarEdge inverters will be compatible with the app in the future starting with SolarEdge Compact Extended – due in stock soon. How it […]

Commercial Solar Inverters: SolarEdge 3Ph with Synergy Technology  is Due Soon. Synergy: An effect greater than the sum of it’s parts. SolarEdge have addressed all of the downsides that 3Ph inverters can pose, to create an inverter system that combines all of the benefits of string and central inverters. Win-win! To explain the system in […]

#Fair4Solar Campaign – join in today! “We need to create noise and pressure on the Minister to answer our very reasonable demands for fair treatment” says the STA. This summer the government proposed to withdraw the export tariff, which has been of great concern to many STA members, particularly those who install rooftop solar. To […]

The new BYD B-BOX LV 48 volt lithium storage system from BYD employs the successful modular design of the energy storage series with battery capacities ranging from 3.5 to 14 kilowatt-hours in one system with one to four modules. The capacity of the new BYD B-BOX LV can be scaled up to 42 kilowatt-hours with three systems connected […]

Solis 4G Dual Tracker Single Phase Inverters Ideal for roofs where there are multiple aspects, or shading is a factor. Solis have become one of the most popular string inverter manufacturers both in the UK and globally with over 1GW of inverters shipped across the world in 2016 and over 3GW of inverters shipped in 2017. It […]

Warranties can only be activated if installers have certification from January 2019. End users/homeowners will only be able to activate warranties on LG Chem RESU batteries if the installer has passed the (30 question) test. Qualified installers will be registered on the LG Chem website and will benefit from this, and the following advantages. A […]

Free Warranty Extension for SolarEdge Systems* Free of charge warranty extension for StorEdge-ready residential systems with SolarEdge Meter From now until the end of this year, all SolarEdge residential inverters up to 15kW (*excluding the single-phase inverter with compact technology and the single-phase StorEdge inverter) that are connected to a SolarEdge meter will be entitled to a free-of-charge warranty extension […]

The eco-friendly hybrid storage solution from my-PV optimizes the self-consumption of solar power produced by grid-connected or stand-alone PV systems. The eco-friendly hybrid storage solution from my-PV optimizes the self-consumption of solar power produced by grid-connected or stand-alone PV systems. The Austrian firm my-PV presents n energy storage system, which optimizes the captive use of renewable surplus […]

Innovative, Powerful MLPE Solution Reduces Cost and Risk, Delivers Speed and Performance As residential PV becomes a bigger part of the energy landscape, both consumers and solar professionals are demanding more from their solar technology. To meet the growing demand for fast, cost-effective and high-performing solar solutions, SMA America has launched its new Power+ Solution. Combining […]

Micro-inverters have been available since 1993 however; it was years later before a commercially successful micro-inverter was launched. Now microinverters are an awesome bit of kit – the recently launched IQ 7 range from Enphase is smart, simple and gives even more energy than ever before, so the increased initial outlay is a no brainer. Here’s why… […]