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REC N-Peak Series Solar Panels: REC N-Peak Series Solar Panels WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE by REC Solar Group. As a homeowner looking to go solar, one challenge might be how to make the absolute most of the space available on your home’s rooftop. With the REC N-Peak Series, that’s how. These panels enable you to pack in maximum […]

Lithium PylonTech batteries come in all shapes and sizes, but for some applications such as the larger residential and commercial energy storage market it can make sense to have a modular, stackable 19″ format battery system. This often makes putting together and working on a system much easier. Such a format is available from Pylon […]

The SMA Sunny Tripower 3.0–6.0 makes PV systems in private households especially powerful. It combines top inverter performance with maximum ease and comfort for its users. With integrated services and shade solutions, it can meet any challenge found on roofs. The SMA Sunny Tripower reliably ensures maximum solar yields and reduces electricity costs. The SMA […]

Homeowners in Ireland can now access grants worth hundreds of euros to fund the installation of solar and energy storage systems as the government launches its first micro-generation scheme for the technology. This pilot scheme offers €700 (~US$818.5) per kWp of solar installed up to 2kWp, at which point any installation up to 4kWp must include […]

BEIS: Payments for surplus power exported to the grid confirmed stopping in March 2019. Government must work with industry urgently to ensure smooth solar policy transition, says STA. The long overdue Call for Evidence on the future policy framework for small and medium scale renewables has finally been published. Key aspects put forward which the […]

According to new data from GTM Research, direct ownership continues to outpace solar leases. 2018 is the year of the solar loan. Despite rising interest rates affecting all consumer lending, GTM Research forecasts in its latest report, Bringing Scale, Profitability and Value to the Residential Solar Market, that solar lending will become the No. 1 consumer […]

Electric ride into the future with the Unu Electric Scooters. Your unu Scooter drives fully electric. That means you do not pollute your city either with exhaust fumes or with noise. Integrated in the rear wheel, your unu’s electric BOSCH engine is maintenance-free and far cleaner than any gas engine. The unu electric scooter is the first to […]

Draft STA Position Paper on Post-Fit Framework The Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) for renewable power generation is due to end in Spring 2019. The STA has been pressing officials and ministers to consult on post-FiT proposals urgently. Read more here. Have Your Say Before the Government consultation starts, the Solar Trade Association wants to hear from you, […]

BNEF expects 34% fall in PV module prices in 2018. The organization is expecting carnage throughout the solar value chain as the result of reduced policy support for deployment in China. The saying is that as California goes, so goes the nation. But in solar, as China goes, so goes the world. As the result of […]

These are 4 Electric Car Charging Types that allows to recharge the electric car: with or without security devices, private and public charging points, in the domestic and industrial sphere. Main Electric Car Charging Types – EV Chargers Type 1 It is a recharge that occurs in alternating current (CA), up to 16 A, through a domestic […]