How VAT charging is changing from 1st October? The rumours are true, from 1st October 2019 the way in which you can charge VAT on energy-saving materials (ESMs) in residential installations is changing. What’s changing? The VAT charged on ESMs used in residential solar installations will increase from the reduced rate of 5% to the standard rate of 20% – unless one of […]

SolarEdge Live WEBINARS: SolarEdge have just released a truckload of live webinar dates, sign up today! Watch SolarEdge Live WEBINARS SolarEdge is running a series of webinars in September to keep you up to date with their Design tool, SetApp, Monitoring, the unique EV Charging Inverter and the not-to-be-missed Tips & Tricks for installers. SolarEdge WEBINARS: […]

Science and Technology Committee Publish Report on Clean Growth Strategy: ‘Strong Policy Support’ for new solar power. The report, published on the 22nd August by the Science & Technology Select Committee, advises how the government should review the Smart Export Guarantee scheme by the end of 2020. They should ‘be ready to include a minimum […]

One Month to Consult on MCS Battery Storage Standard. First announced in February this year, the consultation is open for stakeholders to have their say. The Microgeneration Scheme has published a draft of new certification for battery energy storage systems. MIS:3012 specifies requirements for MCS contractors undertaking the supply, design, installation, set to work, commissioning and handover […]

At time of going to press the petition has 10’500 signatures – but needs 100’000 to be considered for debate in Parliament. Petition to Stop 20% VAT Increase Despite the UK Governments commitment to be net-zero by 2050, HMRC intends to comply with EU law and remove the reduced rate of 5% VAT on solar […]

Smarter storage: the Enphase AC battery with intelligent monitoring software.Best known for its microinverters, California based manufacturer Enphase, has created a home energy storage solution which includes a solar battery paired with an Enphase microinverter and software that makes life easy for both system owner and installer. The battery enables homeowners to make the most […]

The SMA Tigo TS4-A-O-DUO Power Optimizer IN STOCK NOW from our warehouse in the UK. The Tigo TS4-A-O-DUO is the new generation of retro-fit/add-on optimisation for standard solar pv modules. Buy  SMA Tigo TS4-A-O-DUO Power Optimizer Tigo® have released its new TS4-A with improved lightweight hardware for higher wattage and lower installation costs.  This welcome […]

Someone special to all of us at 0Bills passed away. No one is meant to live forever. Some truth in life are hard to accept. Her departure is one of those hard truths and her memories will never be forgotten! They will always remain with us forever. Rest in peace.

Fronius will soon discontinue the proven Solar Battery due to the fact that the cell and battery module manufacturer Murata will not continue with production. Last orders for new batteries and retrofit modules were placed until mid June. Subsequently, retrofit modules for existing systems will no longer be available and will not be replaced by a […]

Smart export guarantee begins Jan 2020 in the UK for homes and businesses to be paid for exporting excess renewable energy to the grid. BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) published a press release on Sunday 9th June about the Smart Export Guarantee – the new law to guarantee payment for solar homes […]