Someone special to all of us at 0Bills passed away. No one is meant to live forever. Some truth in life are hard to accept. Her departure is one of those hard truths and her memories will never be forgotten! They will always remain with us forever. Rest in peace.

Fronius will soon discontinue the proven Solar Battery due to the fact that the cell and battery module manufacturer Murata will not continue with production. Last orders for new batteries and retrofit modules were placed until mid June. Subsequently, retrofit modules for existing systems will no longer be available and will not be replaced by a […]

Smart export guarantee begins Jan 2020 in the UK for homes and businesses to be paid for exporting excess renewable energy to the grid. BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) published a press release on Sunday 9th June about the Smart Export Guarantee – the new law to guarantee payment for solar homes […]

The new New SMA Sunny Island; As of July 27, 2019, the extended EU RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) will take effect. To ensure compliance with the directive, SMA uses a lead-free soldering process in production. This results in a new Sunny Island generation. Not to worry, there is no time limit until when […]

As announced, since End of April the new EU low voltage grid regulation is valid and has to be transformed to national law by the EU countries. In the same way as the other inverter suppliers, Sungrow has also been faced with technical challenges due to this regulation. In their case most current inverter types […]

SolarEdge SetApp: Easy Inverter Commissioning From Your Smartphone like 1,2,3. Al the New model SolarEdge inverters are now in stock. SolarEdge SetApp easy like 1,2,3 The first of the new SolarEdge inverters that require the use of SetApp in order to commission them, are arriving in stock now – the first to use this new technology […]

The record-setting SunPower MAXEON Mono Solar Panels in Stock which technology powers records on air, land and sea – while ensuring that you have the very best solar for your home or business. Fundamentally different, and better Maxeon® solar panels are designed to be different. And proven to be better even in harsh conditions across more […]

Why Solis Hybrid is the domestic inverter of choice? Energy storage is the sector that’s growing faster than most, a trend that could be attributed to more affordable batteries or simply because system owners want to use every last drop of power generated from their array. Even if they don’t immediately require storage, they may want the […]

After 50 years of award winning innovation Worcester Bosch introducing the new Bosch Geenstar LIFE STYLE Gas Boiler Range. The new Greenstar Life & Style range makes looking after the heating and hot water in your home easy. The Worcester Bosch gas boiler is available to a range up to 50kW. Buy now, Introducing the […]

In the past months we were facing serious delays for Solax Inverters from the manufacturer. Although we were promised several times that their supply chain will come back to normal, did not happened so far. Taking all these into consideration we highly recommend to call us before you make an order for a Solax product. […]