European solar irradiation map annual data serves as an excellent tool to calculate your produced energy with your solar photovoltaic system in Europe.



     European solar irradiation map (approx annual data for kWh per m2) PDF file (12 MB !)  

European solar irradiation map annual data
Data from European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport PhotoVoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS). 

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Energy corporations, electricity supplier or governments ? none of them, because for them high energy price means high incomes. Worse, all your saving-efforts are in vain (saving bulbs, cars, heating) because your savings will be canceled – with the next increase of energy prices. But the necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is based today on technology. European solar irradiation map annual data

Change from consumer to producer

Who really takes care about your energy costs is You, yourself. The amount of produced energy in PhotoVoltaics and Thermal Solar Systems is calculable and known for the next 25 years (PV solar panels warranty), over this time and probably much longer, the price for solar electricity is limited to the system costs. The electricity can be produced at the place of consumption, but the significant innovation is transformation from consumer to producer of own and clean energy. It breaks the system dependency and your saving efforts become real, are your profit. The PV technology can be mounted almost anywhere and is also neighbor-friendly, what in the practice may have considerable importance, especially in strong urbanized locations. European solar irradiation map annual data

Already today, the profitability of your home can be determined by your roof and the installed PV power. Any PV solar system is not only a clever investment in clean and safe energy but in the future also an charging station for electric cars and in some cases an additional pension. European solar irradiation map annual data