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Electric ride into the future with the Unu Electric Scooters. Your unu Scooter drives fully electric. That means you do not pollute your city either with exhaust fumes or with noise. Integrated in the rear wheel, your unu’s electric BOSCH engine is maintenance-free and far cleaner than any gas engine. The unu electric scooter is the first to […]

Draft STA Position Paper on Post-Fit Framework The Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) for renewable power generation is due to end in Spring 2019. The STA has been pressing officials and ministers to consult on post-FiT proposals urgently. Read more here. Have Your Say Before the Government consultation starts, the Solar Trade Association wants to hear from you, […]

BNEF expects 34% fall in PV module prices in 2018. The organization is expecting carnage throughout the solar value chain as the result of reduced policy support for deployment in China. The saying is that as California goes, so goes the nation. But in solar, as China goes, so goes the world. As the result of […]

These are 4 Electric Car Charging Types that allows to recharge the electric car: with or without security devices, private and public charging points, in the domestic and industrial sphere. Main Electric Car Charging Types – EV Chargers Type 1 It is a recharge that occurs in alternating current (CA), up to 16 A, through a domestic […]

Silicon Module Super League member, JA Solar are in the process of moving their entire PV module portfolio to the most recent 5 busbar technology. What are busbars Busbars are metalised thin strips printed on the front and back of the solar PV cell. Their purpose is to conduct electricity generated by solar cells and […]

All LG modules now come with 25 year Product Warranty, after LG have announced a significant improvement on their module warranties. Following the suggestions received from installers during the LG PRO Installer Conference in November 2017, LG HQ performed additional product tests with the aim of helping to provide longer product warranties for their MonoX and […]

SMA Export Control – Export Limitation System from SMA is now officially approved for the UK grid. SMA Export Control is G100 certified.  MA were one of the first to introduce Export Limitation Systems (ELS) in the UK in 2015. Since then a large number of systems have been successfully installed and commissioned with DNOs […]

TESVOLT Storage System has been nominated for the ess Award at Internsolar 2018 with a product and a project. One one hand our strategic partner in energy storage Tesvolt GmbH has been nominated as finalist for the Awards with its Tesvolt HV 70 on-grid energy storage system, on the other hand our global strategic partner […]

We are pleased to present the latest additions to KOSTAL’s product range, The all new KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus and Kostal PIKO IQ. The new inverter series, which can be ordered from now on, compare favourably to earlier innovations: Look forward to flexible, communicative and handy inverters in the power range from 4.2 to 10 kW which […]

Wireless electric vehicle charging technology is expected to be commercially available on production vehicles in the next 18 months to two years, according to Qualcomm Inc., which has been developing the technology with carmakers over the past seven years. The cost of static wireless charging is comparable today with that of conductive charging, where a […]