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After the press release announcing PARI Group and Renusol have entered into a Letter of Intent on the purchase of substantially all the assets of Renusol GmbH, a number of questions have arisen that PARI Group and would like to clarify. You can view the Press Release here >>   Your Questions Answered   […]

Solar storage batteries for households in Australia enjoyed a more than 1000% percent rise in the number of annual installations from 2015 to 2016, according to a new industry report.   Consultancy SunWiz found that in 2016, around 6,750 batteries were installed in Australian households, compared to just 500 in the previous year. Assuming the […]

Tesla Has Reduced Electricity Costs for Homeowners by 92% In Brief The first Australian to install a Tesla Powerwall in his home saw his quarterly energy bill decrease from $572 in 2015 to $45 in 2016, resulting in a 92 percent annual savings. With its Powerwalls, electric cars, Solar City partnership, and other clean-energy initiatives, […]

Enjoy the energy of the sun. Around the clock, almost independently of the grid Generate power, store power: live as you please.   Clean solar power, whenever you need it – until now it has just been a pipe dream. Now you are closer than ever to realising that dream, because smartflower POP+ can not only […]

Date / Duration Type of training Attendance fee Location / Place Details & Registration  22.02.2017 / one day  Fronius inverters: installation, commissioning, servicing (Fronius Service Partner Qualification Training)  EUR 25,-  Ukraine  fully booked  07.03.2017 / one day  Fronius inverters: installation, commissioning, servicing (Fronius Service Partner Qualification Training)  EUR 100,-  Estonia  fully booked  08.03.2017 / one […]

By John Parnell on PVTECH   EU member states have passed an 18-month extension of punitive trade duties on imports of Chinese solar products on Friday. A 24-month extension was rejected in late January. A review into the minimum import price (MIP) mechanism that allows participating members to avoid the duties will be reviewed. It is understood […]

Energy storage deployments in emerging markets could grow 40% annually over the next five years, from 2GW today to 80GW, but barriers include the lack of access to low-cost capital, a new report from the International Finance Corporation has found. The IFC, which finances and provides advice for private sector ventures and projects in developing […]

OfGem have announced positive news regarding the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which should prompt installers to reconsider their renewable energy portfolio. With a new year ahead it makes a refreshing change to report good news for the renewables industry. For some time it has been unclear whether or not the government would completely scrap the […]

If you are an installer Growatt Domestic Storage Systems allow you to offer a unique storage solution to your customers. To install Growatt storage solutions, you must be an accredited installer which is a course designed for installers to collect deep knowledge. The Growatt Accredited Installer Training Program also gives you the understanding of how […]

By Tom Randall, Bloomberg Tesla Motors Inc. is making a huge bet that millions of small batteries can be strung together to help kick fossil fuels off the grid. The idea is a powerful one—one that’s been used to help justify the company’s $5 billion factory near Reno, Nev.—but batteries have so far only appeared in a handful of true, […]